PhD Cat

PhD Cat may be junior academic now but will grow to full professor SOON. PhD Cat shares the final year of the doctoral experience with you. MEOW!

PhD Cat is full-on ready to attack rewriting her chapter tomorrow and submit it by Friday/Sunday.
PhD Cat is done with her marking!
Another 50 scripts to go from another course! Well it’s some sort of done?
PhD Cat says, ‘There’s nothing better than laying on a big pile of finished marking in the sun. …unless it’s cleaning the bathroom like I said I would. Maybe I just don’t do that and poop on the floor off and on for another 2 weeks? Yeah! That sounds better…’
Marking makes PhD Cat sleepy.
PhD Cat was asked to mark some essays from a different course because the Uni was in bind. PhD Cat agreed and received this response: 

That’s fantastic. You always seem to be coming to our rescue!

PhD Cat says, “There’s only one thing that beats behind the ear scratches: being told what a good kitty I am while receiving behind the ear scratches.”

PhD Cat says, ‘This is what a major theoretical development looks like: before, during, and after.’

All shitty photography intentional.

There was a major development today where my theoretical framework not only FINALLY tied my entire thesis together, but also reshaped my methodology ‘map’ to resemble a house. A house that is a metaphor for how international civil service works. International relations isn’t a stage; it’s a house. A house with a foundation, wall, a ceiling, a ‘main level’, and a creepy attic!

Ahhhh feels so good.
PhD Cat rest now. PhD Cat sleepy…
*really, teeny snoring sounds are coming from the sofa; so cute!*

PhD Cat says, Sometimes your human gets really sick. When that happens no work will be done. It’s just time for cuddles. So suck it up and take one for the team. No claws allowed. 

Look how pathetic my human is!
PhD Cat has had a long hiatus because PhD Cat has been very productive. Today PhD Cat has a pile of marking due in 10 days and is on day-two of a terrible nausea flu. 

So today PhD Cat lays in bed and watches Disney films. 

See? See how’s I’s gonna eat the storks?! Omnonnom
PhD Cat can have death flu? 

Oh my yes, and 6 days til chapter is due? oh my, yes!
PhD Cat cannot handle any more stress. PhD Cat says, ‘You know when you are being strangled by the very crinkly thing you love; and you’re trying so hard to work yourself out of it, but it keeps getting tighter the more you try to work out of it? And then the human comes in and laughs at you and takes photos to document the hell that is your life in this moment? …yeah fuck them. And fuck life too. But especially fuck this crinkly thing.’ 

In case you didn’t catch that, crinkly thing is synonymous with doctoral thesis. Fuck the doctoral thesis - WHY CAN’T YOU BE EASIER TO WRITE!

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. 

PhD Cat needs some serious behind the ear scratches.
PhD Cat knows she should focus on reading technical histories of power in the WTO so she can submit her next chapter on time, but this sleepy cave the humans built blocks out the pending snow coldness. 

Mmm sleep cave with Fattie Rattie.