PhD Cat

PhD Cat may be junior academic now but will grow to full professor SOON. PhD Cat shares the final year of the doctoral experience with you. MEOW!

PhD Cat has her first day off in 10 days - not ‘working days’, ‘year 3 of a PhD days’. This 10-day stretch follows the triumphant return of PhD Cat to the thesis after 11 month interruption. It happens. PhD Cat also managed to get her ass in the gym 4 days this week - don’t know if you’ve noticed PhD Cat has got a lil saggy belly on. So the long awaited lie-in/day off commences, and PhD Cat says,

'Getting back to it after a long while off is difficult, no matter the feat. But the forward movement is reward enough… And if it's not, go gets your feet did. YOU THINK I CAN GROOM THESE MASSIVE PAWS MYSELF?! Naw, I don't even have thumbs, girl.'
  • 1 February 2013
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